Natural gas pipelines are sometimes installed close to sewer lines. When you are clearing a sewer line blockage beyond the outside wall of the building, you should be aware that there is a very rare chance that the blockage could be caused by a natural gas pipeline that penetrated the sewer line when the gas pipe was installed using trenchless construction methods.

When the sewer line blockage you are clearing is beyond the outside wall of the building and you suspect the blockage may be caused by a natural gas line, please call the gas company that services that address before you attempt to clear the sewer line with any mechanical equipment. The gas companies listed will respond promptly and investigate to determine if there is a pipeline conflict with the sewer line at no charge. This response may be verbal via a follow-up phone call, or a gas company technician may be dispatched to the site to determine if there are any gas facilities which could be in conflict.
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